Shawn Hailstone
Dog Training Instructor

I have been around dogs all my life as we have had family dogs since I was very young. The first dog we had was a West Island White Terrier and she was a lovely dog, naturally well behaved and obedient called Whisky. I can’t remember my mother needing to train Whisky or that we gave her commands, but she never gave us any problems.

Then without listing all the dogs we had over the years, about 15, the dogs which followed were not as easy as Whisky, we experienced all of the classic problems. We got another Westie who had a tenancy to snap and didn’t like not getting his own way. A black Labrador who liked to find and eat dead animals! and a Springer Spaniel who had loads of energy but was difficult to control, pulling on the lead the main problem. It was a this point my mother realised that these her dogs needed more time and effort to get them well trained and become polite family members.

I was there in the early days helping, more of a dog handler, but she trained me to not ruin the work the had done with the dogs.
In my early teens I was helping train her dogs, I have a natural affinity with dogs and the experience I had watching and helping my mother train her dogs, provides me with nearly 50 years experience. The early dogs were troublesome, due to my mothers lack of experience, so we both experienced the classic problems, but we both worked on how to correct them.

The dog training moved from just creating polite and well behaved pets. She then started to take them to agility and became an agility dog trainer herself. Then moving on to training, trialling and working gun dogs. I have continued with this interest, I currently have 2 Black Labradors. They are trained and work as gun dogs and of course are also involved with agility. Billi is also a PAT dog.

My training is positive treat based, but the main way to create a Super Dog is by being consistent, persevere and have a lot of patience.