Billi had his assessment today to check his temperament and behaviour for suitability as a PAT (Pet As Therapy) dog.
As Billi is a very laid back, polite and well trained dog so he passed with ‘Flying Colours’.

A PAT dog visits vulnerable people so understandably needs to be assessed for their suitability.
The dog has to be at least 9 months old and the owner over 18.
It is easy to apply to volunteer online.

The assessment is informal and does not take very long, we met at a local garden centre and the assessment was conducted in a seating area to the side of a furniture display.

The assessor checked how Billi was on the lead as we walked through the garden centre and although he was inquisitive and excited, he wandered along, not pulling on the lead. When we arrived at the seating area Billi greeted the assessor politely and then when we started talking and the attention was not on Billi he sat down. The assessor described Billi’s initial behaviour on meeting as ‘calm, waggy tail, looks cheerful’. Whilst we continued to talk Billi surveyed the surroundings, taking interest in what was going on. Occasionally visitors would wander by and although Billi wagged his tail hoping they would pet him, he remained seated. A visitor or two stopped to say hello and Billi was polite, this was good for his assessment.

The assessor began filling in the form and performed assessments:
(Assessors answers in Bold Underlined)