Dig Online’s mascot Billi attended a fundraising event at Microsoft Reading with his handler Shawn.

Ruby Hamilton at Microsoft organised the event and 8 PAT dog teams attended.
When we arrived Billi entered the building through the motorised revolving door, the first time he has been through a door like this.
The door caught up with his rear paw and touched it, so he speeded up and his nose touched the next door in front, but he soon got the hang of keeping pace with the speed of the door.

Once inside Billi had to sign in at reception and the receptionists wanted to say hello, Billi put his paws on the counter so he could reach them better.

Ruby came to greet us and we went through the security barriers to an communal in front of the lifts near the canteens in building 5.

Cakes were on sale and with 8 PAT dog teams Microsoft staff circulated meeting each dog and getting sniffs and cuddles.
Bille couldn’t quite understand what was going on to begin with, but he soon started to enjoy all the attention.

I enjoyed the event and so did Billi, I could tell all the people who visited enjoyed meeting the PAT dogs, some who originally scared of dogs even met them and stroked them. A fantastic event and I hope Microsoft arrange another in the future!

£700 Donated!

Doubled by Microsoft!

Total Raised £1400!

PAT Dog Teams: