Dig Online’s mascot Billi went to visit The Fremantle Trust for his first PAT dog placement on Tuesday.

This was at Beechlands Court which has supported living flats where he met with the manager Warren Wood.

Warren explained to Billi that there is one resident in particular who will love to meet Billi as he watches vet programs and loves dogs and he will meet him when he comes back off holiday.

Warren invited Billi to visit the residents on Wednesday night who all enjoyed seeing Billi.

The Fremantle Trust have various Supported Living with Residential Care sites in High Wycombe and Billi will visit many of these in the coming months.

They provide an important service as this allows people live the life they choose and as independently as possible.

Their aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of those they support and Dig Online are proud to be able to play their part as Billi brought smiles to everyone faces who met him.

Billi is looking forward to a water day later in June, Billi loves swimming, but doesn’t like to be sprayed, so he will spend the day socialising but probably keeping dry, he hopes.

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