Project Description

Purdey – Hungarian Vizsla

Darren came to me with Purdey as he could only walk her on the lead and at times when there would few people and dogs about.
Unfortunately bad habits had set in and Darren had found ways to cope with the issues but needed help to correct Purdey’s bad behaviour.

The main problems spoiling both Darren and Purdey’s quality of life were:

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Poor recall
  • Unsociable behaviour around other dogs and people

During a walk Purdey would pull on the lead which become worse was seeing other dogs as she would become very excited and pull even more. Letting Purdey off at a park Darren was always anxious that Purdey would spot another dog or people and run over to them ignoring his recall. Due to her high energy and excitement Purdey would be unsociable when greeting other dogs causing conflict and then she would snap in retaliation and her method of greeting people was to jump up at them.

When I first started helping Darren and Purdey as I approached them Purdey would be straining at the end of the lead and Darren would have difficulty stopping her jumping up at me.

Now Darren can ask her to sit and wait without needing to hold the lead.